Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Possible MG Kshatriya Coming Soon?

"Near the end of the talk (the opening of SuperModelers), it was asked if there were going to be any more Gundam UC kits. The Bandai Hobby Division rep (Hirofumi) answered, "I can't say which but I think I want merchandise of the machine designated as the rival in Gundam Unicorn." When asked for a show of hands regarding whether those present wanted the Sinanju or the Kshatriya as a Master Grade, the Kshatriya won out." -- Read more on Gunota Headlines.

Along with Manabu Kimura, Dengeki Hobby's editor-in-chief and Harutoshi Fukui, Gundam UC author, the trio talked about various issues during the event. Some other 'strange' stuff was also being discussed, like "an aquatic mobile suit will be needed in the Summer" (not sure why it's "needed" ^^;), "a new GM-equivalent mobile suit", and even "a giant, 4-legged GM".


Personally, I would like to ask Mr. Hirofumi whether any new PG Gunpla is coming soon, or is that product line being halted permanently. But anyway, a possible MG Kshatriya is a good news nonetheless, even though the audience's choice is still subjected to the marketing plan of Bandai.

Anyway, plenty of upcoming Gundam merchandises were displayed during the event as well:

HG 1/100 Gundam Virtue is standing on the far right in the photo.

Even the V-fin can be detached in Nadleeh's mode! Nice! ^^

The hair/mustache still looks very ugly to me ^^;

As seen from the picture, there's a possible flaw that model's hands may not be able to hold the twin shoulder cannons for long because of their weight ^^;

We get to see plenty of HG 1/144 Gundam Throne Eins and Tieren Space Type lately.

The upcoming HGUC set of G-3 Gundam versus Char's Rick Dom. G-3's color seems lighter than the event-release of HGUC G-3 posted some time ago, and so is the red on Char's Rick Dom.

So the 1/35 scale Zeta mentioned the other day IS the Jumbo Grade release, with the release date delayed. The price of 28,140 Yen is inclusive of tax.

MG Nu Gundam and Sazabi Metallic Coating Ver. sure stand out among the crowd ^^

A closer look on MG Nu Gundam Metallic Coating Ver. and the white Strike Noir + I.W.S.P.

Beam Gatling for MG Unicorn that (only) come with Gundam Unicorn novel vol. 4 limited edition -_-|||
Released date is 26 April 2008, priced 1,260 yen.

The upcoming MG Zaku Mine Layer is standing on the far right in the picture.

These pictures will show you how smart Bandai is in designing the runners and parts for MG Zaku II Ver 2.0 to accommodate more variations in the future.

More Musha Keroro and Foot Soldier Tamama.

AEUG suitcases, complete with warning markings some more XD

All images (and more) from Dengeki Online and Toysdaily.