Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Upcoming Non-Gundam Merchandises

Since most of the news and information on my blog is related to Gundam, I have to coin the term "non-Gundam" to refer to other mecha items ^^;

Anyway, here are some information on upcoming non-Gundam merchandises gathered from magazine scans and others sources:

Crest CR-C06U5 Facinetar Ver. - May, 4,600 Yen

Crest_Facinetar_02_s Crest_Facinetar_03_s
(Another) Variation of the very famous Crest from Armored Core - this time it's in purple, called 'Facinetar'. Fans can check out this item on Hobby Search.

Unknown Armored Core mecha - release date and price N/A

Is that the most coolsome Armored Core mecha or what? And it seems that it's transformable as well - first in the series for sure. Also, no information about its size yet, but it looks quite big as compared to the other Armored Core mecha.
Image from Toysdaily.

CM's Dancouga Nova - Release date and price N/A
The original Dancouga was a Super Robot anime series back in the 80s. Unlike most other mecha animation at that time, Dancouga featured some serious kiss-ass mecha design, where each of the three robots used to form the giant have their own beast/vehicle/robot modes. It was probably the most complex transformable Super Robot during its time.

Like Gaiking the Great, Dancouga was redesigned into a new run of anime series last year, called Dancouga Nova. Apart from all the features of its predecessor, new functions are added to each of the mecha, plus the ability for new robot to dock with Dancouga Nova for extra coolness.

Hopefully I can dig up more information about this giant robot and share with everyone. But before that, hold your breath and take a look at this:

CM's Dancouga Nova, 32cm in height, complete with all the functions as seen in the anime.
Image from Toysdaily.
For more updates, check out CM's official website.

Soul of Chogokin Daimos - Under development
Some black and white design sketches as consolation for all Daimos fans first XD

More images can be founded on Toysdaily.

Real Robot Revolution 1/100 Walker Galliar - Late April, 6,300 Yen
Coming in April 2008, this R3 Walker Galliar will be the fourth entry of the series, which halted with New Layzner in March last year. Walker Galliar features a simple transformation of splitting its body into two vehicles. But I'm sure the ability to transform is not the only justification for the high price. I always look at R3 as the Master Grade series of non-Gundam mecha, so you can expect the same level of details and articulation on your average MG Gunpla for this Walker Galliar as well.

Walker Galliar was actually created by two prominent Gundam artists: Kunio Okawara and Izubuchi Yutaka (Nu Gundam, Gundam NT-1 etc)
Image from Toysdaily.

God Keron - Late March, 4,725 Yen
Folks who are interested in getting all the five Keroro Robo Mk. II to form God Keron can rejoice ^^ A bundled God Keron will be coming soon, with a cape and two beam sabers included as well ^^

Then again, this is not going to be a good news for those who bought the five separate releases already I presume ^^;

Image from Toysdaily.