Thursday, January 10, 2008

Gundam Musou on PS2

I just read on Gundamaniac that Gundam Musou is coming to PS2, and I couldn't agree more with Marvin that Namco is joining Bandai to milk more money from the fans for their support for Gundam. I suppose I can say Gundam stuff is now made to cater every single fan's need, and there's always ways for the companies to make money out of you if you're a fan. ^^;

I still remember my friend suggesting to me in getting a PS3 when the game came out last year. Wuhhuh~

Get your PS2 ready for some serious Gundam action!

Gundam Musou for PS2 sure is a good news for those with that gaming platform, but I suppose it's bad news for those with PS3, since I read that new MSs and scenarios will be added for the PS2 version. I think I can see it now: PS3 Gundam fans loading their gatling ready to mow down Namco and Bandai Gundam Musou style! XD Just kidding ^^

What's next? Gundam Musou for XBox 360? or even a PC version maybe?

New character for Gundam Musou PS2 - Musha Gundam Mk. II O_O Look at those golden horns! Awesome! I bet it's coming out as GFF soon ^^