Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Transformers Figures

Complaining that Leader Class Optimus Prime didn't come with the Heat Blade? and Deluxe Class Bumblebee lack the mask he deploys in attack mode?

Well, Takara-Tomy hears you:

Optimus Prime comes with a new head design as well.

Knowing Takara-Tomy, I think this 'new' Leader Class Optimus Prime will exchange his Blaster for the Heat Blade, i.e. you're not going to get both weapons in this pack ^^; The same goes for Bumblebee as well, I think his mask is permanent. Folks who are interested can preorder Prime and Bumblebee from XL-Shop, which is the only online store I know of which has listed them for sales.

Not letting Optimus Prime and Bumblebee stealing the show from the Decepticons, Leader Class Megatron is coming in the different color scheme.

LeaderMegatronVColor01_s LeaderMegatronVColor02_s
Unlike the new Prime, I think this Megatron is just a color variation of the original. Somehow I like this new paint scheme better than the previous one ^^
Images from Toysdaily.

Apart from these two figures from the Movie, six Transformers Classic figures will get their Japanese version releases:

As a non-hardcore fan of Transformers, I don't think I can really tell the difference between the original American versions, and these new releases.

Optimus Prime - 3,150 Yen

Bumbleebee - 2,100 Yen

Grimlock - 2,100 Yen

Mirage - 2,100 Yen

Megatron - 3,150 Yen

Starscream - 2,100 Yen

All of them will be available in Mid March. Transformers fans beware.

All images from Toysdaily.