Sunday, January 27, 2008

Gundam 00 Episode 16


Personally, I would like to change the title to 'Tri-Nee-ty' ^^

Yes folks, Team Trinity is unveiled in this episode. They rescued the Meisters from the endless torment of the military trap since last week, and showed Setsuna and co. how they handle the enemies.

But hell, they made the whole thing looked so simple! XD Ali, Sergei, Soma, Patrick, and Graham were all defeated, with ease!

Team Trinity is way more powerful than the four Meisters. As a matter, I think the power of their Gundams is 'abnormally' superior, even as compared to the current four Gundams. That major flooding of GN particle really reminds me of the-end-of-the-world scene from Evangelion ^^;

Since this is the debut episode for the three new Gundams, I felt the excitement of watching Episode 1 of this series again, when Exia first came out ^^ But I was quite disappointed as the episode turned into a summary of all the major missions participated by the Meisters, since I thought the episode was going to be more about Team Trinity instead. Nonetheless, a few important points regarding the existence of the 'second' Gundam Team, as well as the organization of the Celestial Beings itself were hinted.

It seems like the heads of the Celestial Beings are not very happy with the performance of the Meisters so far ^^;

Also, it would be very interesting if all the Gundams end up fighting each other, but where would that lead the story of Gundam Double O to then?

* For your information, this 'meeting' scene is very Evangelion-styled as well.

This episode very much 'reset' the storyline of the series a bit, as the tension of the world is relieved for a while after the failed mission to capture the Gundams, and future episodes will need to show how the crew of Ptolemaios react to the new Celestial Beings members. So another huge scale combat like this episode (not quite actually ^^;) won't appear soon I believe. The world needs time to produce more cannon fodders MSs ^^; while we need time to see more Neena XD

By the way, pardon me for the excessiveness of Neena in this posting XD

If the Gundams do fight against each other, I'm sure I'll have a difficult time choosing a side because of her ^^

You can watch this episode onTudou (with Chinese subtitle).