Sunday, January 06, 2008

Gundam 00 Episode 13

Return Of The Saints

First episode of Gundam Double O in 2008 ^^

Continued from last week (last year too ^^), this episode focuses on the insurgence in Azadistan following the kidnap of the kingdom's opposition leader, and of course the armed intervention of the Celestial Beings in this conflict. Very limited Gundam action this time, as the episode turns into a rescue mission for the opposition leader.

Personally, I'm kind-of disappointed with this episode. There are many strange moments which are not being developed properly ^^; For example, Graham Arce seems to know Setsuna's real identity when they met accidentally, and he seems to purposely leak the information about Ali Al Sarshes and his Enact to Setsuna, for reasons I'm still trying to figure out. The rest of the story then shifts towards the rescue mission, and the 'tingling' between the two is broke off just like that.

Also, Ali Al Sarches's true motive of stirring up the tension in Azadistan isn't being revealed either. His fight with Setsuna's Exia is, as you can predict, inconclusive as well.

In short, I sort of feel that just one episode this time many be too rushed to fully illustrate the mission of the Celestial Beings in Azadistan this time.

Anyway, an important conclusion from the end of this episode is that Setsuna's identity is blown to two persons now: Ali Al Sarches and Marina Ismail. If Tieria found out about this, I'm sure he's going to kill Setsuna on sight XD

Other points of attention:
(1) Bad acting
(2) Kungfu Hong Long
(3) Multiple head shots
(4) Passengers in cockpit(s)
(5) Saji, Louise and her mom (5-second appearance 5 episodes in a row!!)

If you don't mind the Chinese subtitle, you can watch this episode on Tudou.