Saturday, January 05, 2008

SD Sangokuden Prize and Gundam 00 Capsule Toys

Folks reading my blog must have notice the lack of Gundam news recently here ^^; It seems that things slowed down quite a bit in the world of Gundam, but hopefully as we move into February and get to see more of Gundam Throne Eins, MG Gundam Ver. 2.0 etc, things will start to cheer up ^^

Here's a bit of news that can cheer you up, especially if you're a fan of SD Sangokuden, and have a few models from that story. Coco! a Hong Kong based comic book company is giving away goodies for celebration of its 10th Anniversary this year, in the form of special effect parts for the weapons of your SD Sangokuden models.

No bluff you~ It even have Bandai's logo on it XD

It seems that the effect parts can be used for all the characters' weapons.

I bought a copy of Coco! many years back, when I was still a secondary school student ^^ and that issue (March 2002) came with a plastic pouch with Kamen Rider Kuuga on the cover, which I totally liked ^^ Apart from the prize, Coco! itself is quite a nice monthly comic book. Apart from the different comics compiled in each issue, there are bits of news on upcoming merchandises, anime series, and all sort of toys.

I bought that issue from a local bookstore, which cost me RM5. It's HK$17 back then, not sure if there's any change in the price after all these years.

Interested? Watch out for Coco! January issue then ^^

The good old days ^^ when Kuuga was the latest Kamen Rider series.

On the other hand, the next line-up of Gundam Double O gashapon figures is coming soon (the first set was released last October), featuring the following characters:

Pretty lovely ^^

Another merchandise related to Gundam Double O is SD Gundam Fullcolor Custom 15, which features several mecha from other Gundam series as well.

Gundam Nadleeh is in as well XD

HGIF Gundam 00 Characters gashapon and SD Gundam Fullcolor Custom 15 should be available in February.

All images from Toysdaily.