Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Characters from Transformers Animated EDITED

EDITED: Correction actually ^^; It seems like the two new characters mentioned below are just fan arts from Transformer World 2005. Thanks very much to Chris for pointing it out to me via email. Terribly sorry to all Transformable fans who got excited by this piece of news. They are pretty cool and creative nonetheless ^^;

Transformers Animated just started airing in the U.S. right after Christmas recently. Anybody get to watch the first episode?

Anyway, many new characters are added into this series, which you can have a look in the Characters section of the official site. However, linearts of two characters yet to be included into the website gained my attention:

Victory Leo

Star Saber

Victory Leo and Star Saber! :D In Transformers Animated forms, they look quite similar to their original designs from Transformers: Victory, which in my opinion is a good thing, because fans will have less trouble recognizing and accepting them. It seems that Star Saber features some variations in its transformation, as he seems less complex now, and the beak of his spacecraft transforms into his huge sword. But I bet he can still merge with Victory Leo to form Victory Saber ^^