Friday, January 11, 2008

HGUC G3 Gundam vs Char's Rick Dom EDITED

EDITED: Added pictures of SD Sangokuden Kakouton Giros

Even the HGUC line is releasing recolored variations now ^^

No news on the next Char's Counterattack MS to be released as HGUC model, Char's much older MS, Rick Dom will be out instead, bundled with his arch-rival, Amuro Ray's G3 Gundam. These two MSs only appeared in the original novel version of MS Gundam, and in the story, Amuro Ray was actually killed while piloting G3...

Anyway, apart from the color variation, a new slide of seal is included for the two models. But in terms of the parts, I don't think there's any difference from the original HGUC Gundam and Dom/Rick Dom.

No image of this product yet, but I believe G3 Gundam's color will be similar to this Gundam World 2002 in C3 version from

This set will be available in February for 2,625 Yen. The price (without tax) is actually 200 Yen more than the combination of HGUC Gundam and Dom/Rick-Dom. Just thought maybe you would like to know ^^

Also coming in February is Action Display Stand 2 in clear green at 525 Yen. This stand is meant for Gundam Double O models, where the color represents GN particles). Smart thinking :)

The Gundam Base Side One posted photos of the upcoming SD Sangokuden Kakouton Giros. It's kind of strange as the website used the straight assembled version this time, but quite useful for Sangokuden fans nonetheless - you will get to know how much you'll have to paint (or how much paint work you can save) if you get this little fella.

All images from BB Senshi Kakouton Giros.

Without painting, yellow, purple and black look a bit weird on this already weird-looking MS.

Unlike the previous SD Sangokuden models, Kakouton Giros's armor-off form seems to be limited to his helmet only ^^;

The best stuff is still his sword, which can transform into a mace. Nice ^^