Saturday, January 19, 2008

Revoltech Starscream & Rodimus Prime

Revoltech and Transformers fans beware: Starscream and Rodimus Prime are coming in March at 1,995 Yen each.

Revoltech Starscream and Rodimus Prime are somewhat directly connected to the previous two Revoltech Transformers figures of Megatron and Convoy, where both of them are the second-in-command after their leaders. Both succeeded their leaders as well, even though one of them got fried by his boss for doing so ^^

Anyway, apart from the action poses, these two new Revoltech figures come with some nifty parts, like the visor-lowered head for Rodimus, and Megatron (in his mini pistol mode) for Starscream.

Personally, I like Revoltech Starscream better. That cheeky smile on his face is really one of a kind XD

The hotblooded Rodimus is even more hotblooded with this Revoltech release.

Thumb's up for Kaiyado for picking me as the new Revoltech release.

All the parts and equipments for Rodimus Prime.

It should be fun displaying him standing behind Megatron with his up-to-no-good grin ^^

With Revoltech's technology, every pose is a killer pose really.

All the parts and equipments for Starscream.

All images from Toysdaily.