Friday, January 25, 2008

New Gundam Mecha & Merchandises

Apart from Hobby Japan, plenty of Gundam information is available from other magazines as well.

After the MG frenzy ^^, Gundam Unicorn is updated with a new mecha, well, sort of actually. RGM-89S Stark Jegan, originally featured in Char's Counterattack has being installed in that series, and has being revamped by Hajime Katoki as well. You can read more about its design on

SRW_StarkJegan_s Mahq_StarkJegan_s
Some minor changes as compared to the original design shown on the far right. With that Jegan inserted into the picture, is this an indication for a future GFF release?
Magazine scan from SRW Hotnews, mecha design pic from

Next up, plenty of Gundam Double O and Neena goodies ^^

So, it was Neena's Throne Drei who saved Setsuna from Ali last week ^^

Apart from the Thrones, Overflag and GN Arms are also being briefly introduced here, even though we got to see them as upcoming merchandises a few days ago.

Here's some more information above the Trinity Team from Gunota Headlines:

GNW-001 Gundam Throne Eins
"A Gundam from Celestial Being's second team. Throne Unit #1. The Eins, Zwei, and Drei are customizations of identical units, with the Eins specializing in high-powered, long-range artillery like the Dynames and Virtue. Its proof that it is a Gundam, the GN Drive, is a T (Tau) type which emits red GN particles that differ from other Gundams thus far. The same kind of GN Drive is equipped on the mothership used by the three Thrones with a powerful beam cannon directly connected to it."

Head height: 18.6 m
Base weight: 67.1 t
Armament: GN Launcher, GN beam rifle, GN beam saber, GN shield
Pilot: Johann Trinity
"26-years-old. Pilot of the pseudo-GN Drive-equipped Gundam Throne Eins and leader of Team Trinity. Undertaking the mission to eradicate the world's strife, he begins armed interventions with his younger siblings Michael and Nena. A calm person who faithfully handles his given mission while he commands his problematic brother & sister. A good marksman, he handles the firing of the GN Mega Launcher equipped on the Throne Eins."

GNW-002 Gundam Throne Zwei
"A Gundam from Celestial Being's second team. Throne Unit #2. Its equipped GN Drive[T] emits red particles. Second son Michael Trinity is a Gundam Meister. Its large buster sword is double-edged with a beam saber and real blade and stores GN particles in the center. In addition to being used as remotely-controlled beam rifles, the GN Fangs can also attack enemies by generating beam sabers."

Head height: 18.6 m
Base weight: 67.1 t
Armament: GN Fang, GN handgun, GN buster sword, GN beam saber
Pilot: Michael Trinity
"19-years-old. Member of Team Trinity and pilot of the pseudo-GN Drive-equipped Gundam Throne Zwei. Shortsighted, he immediately bares his fangs at people who oppose him. Similar to his personality, he favors brutal tactics for mobile suit combat and specializes in attacks with the Zwei's custom wireless all-range weapon, the GN Fangs. Said to dote on his younger sister, Nena, he has a sister complex on one hand while also abiding by and complaining about orders from the eldest brother, Johann."

GNW-003 Gundam Throne Drei
"A Gundam from Celestial Being's second team. Throne Unit #3. The youngest sister of the three Trinity siblings, Nena Trinity is a Gundam Meister. Made for combat support, its GN stealth field, which deploys GN particles over a wide range, is a powerful ability possessed only by this unit. Its GN shield pod can internally store various missles, back-up beam sabers and other such equipment that meets tactical needs."

Head height: 19.4 m
Base weight: 67.7 t
Armament: GN stealth field, GN handgun, GN beam saber, GN shield pod, GN shield
Pilot: Nena Trinity
"17-years-old. Member of Team Trinity and pilot of the pseudo-GN Drive-equipped Gundam Throne Drei. Simple in personality, she displays self-centeredness to an extent. She doesn't change her style in battle, laughing even while opposing the taking of lives. Her Throne Drei stores a large quantity of highly concentrated, condensed GN particles and employs a GN field that transfers particles to other units and interferes extensively with communications. She's the strong support within Team Trinity. Habitually smiles and makes a V-sign with her fingers."

Gundam Plutone with the most conventional Gundam face design beside Gundam O in the series as well as the side stories so far?

On the other hand, two SCM figures coming up real soon:
- Exia, end of January - comes in GN Short & Long Blade, and Shield & GN Sword packs
- Zaku , mid-February - comes in Cold, Desert and Char's color.

Each of them is priced at 1,400 Yen (from Hobbylink Japan)

If you're not familiar with the SCM series, that's fine ^^; It's not the usual heavily promoted hot stuff by Bandai anyway. SCM is Special Creative Model, produced by Banpresto. I only remembered SCM Zeta Gundam and Gundam Mk. II being released some time during the hype over the theatrical versions of Zeta, and then it was all quiet (or maybe I ignored the news ^^;). It looks like the series is cashing in on Gundam Double O now too.

It's too bad that in order to get all the weapons, you will actually have to buy more than one set of Exia.
Dynames seems to be under development as well.

Three more to be added to all the upcoming MG and SHCM-Pro merchandise line of Zaku II.
Images from Toysdaily.

LAstly, if you don't know this already, the product photos and construction manuals for MG Black Tri-star's Customized High Mobility Type Zaku II and HG Rudolf Wittgenstein's Customized Gouf Ignited are available now on Hobby Search.

BlackTriStarZakuParts01_s BlackTriStarZakuParts02_s
Runners for this new Zaku. Runners circled in red contain newly molded parts for this MG.

The box cover seems like it's being cropped from the manga (in color though). Quite a nice design actually.

Bling-bling enough for you? XD
Images from Hobby Search.