Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More MG Zaku II Variations EDITED AGAIN

EDITED: include images for all the merchandises, as well as Tieren Space Type.

EDITED AGAIN: include information and images for HG Overflag, Action Display Base 2 Clear Green Ver., and others. Sorry for updating this posting so many times ^^; more and more news on upcoming merchandises is pouring in, and I don't want to miss out on any of them.

News on upcoming Gunpla from Gunota Headlines:

(1) MG Zaku Mine Layer - March, 4,725 yen
(2) MG MS-06F Zaku II Ver. 2.0 - March, 3,675 yen
(3) HGUC Nu Gundam - March, 2,625 yen
(4) HG Gundam Throne Zwei - March, 1,680 yen
(5) GN Arms - transforming weapons platform with Gundam Exia - March, 5,775 yen

It looks like Bandai is really cashing in on their MG Zaku II Ver. 2.0. Apart from Zaku Cannon mentioned the other day, two new Zaku IIs are coming in March. MS-06F is the space-type Zaku II. Its distinction with the J-type, which is the first MG Zaku Ver. 2.0 include the backpack and boosters on its legs. Part of its design was already revealed in the construction manual of MG Char's Zaku II Ver. 2.0.

The upcoming F type might comes with just these two 'minor' changes, hence the price.

Zaku Mine Layer should be new to those who started Gunpla-ing recently. A mecha from MSV, it features a huge backpck (bigger than that of the High Mobility type) which stores the mines it carries. Its body is almost entirely identical to MS-06F, except that one of the conductive pipe of its head is connected to the backpack, instead of to the back of its head.

ZakuMineLayer_01_s ZakuMineLayer_02_s
An MG Zaku II Ver. 1.0 modified into Mine Layer.
Images from MS Room.

Scan from SRW Hotnews

Regarding this 'trend' of MG releases, some may like it; some might not. I believe those who are not interested in Zaku II are already praying so that this trend can end quickly so that they might get the MGs they are hoping for. Personally I believe this is a market diversion strategy by the company. Hardcore Gunpla fans would love these Zaku II variations, since the last time we see Zaku Mine Layer, as well as Zaku Cannon was almost two decades back, and their original kits are no longer available.

MSVZakuCannon_s MSVZakuMineLayer_s
Vintage kits of Zaku Mine Layer and Zaku Cannon, which are extremely precious now.
Images from Hobby Search.

On the other hand, those who are looking for Gundams and the latest mecha can concentrate their 'firepower' (money XD) on Gundam Double O Gunplas, as well as the HGUC line.

Speaking of HGUC, Nu Gundam has finally being announced! Wuhhuh~ Being smaller in scale, I'm sure this model can do better than the MG version, and the articulation can be improved despite the disproportional weight issue due to all its Funnels being mounted on the left side of its backpack.

The body proportion for this Nu seems better than the MG version (personal opionion).
Image from Toysdaily.

Also, this means HGUC Sazabi is coming really soon now ;-)

Two upcoming Gunplas from Gundam Double O are HG Gundam Throne Zwei and GN Arms. For the Trinity set, never mind the strange leg design, a huge attraction of the three is the ability to join their backpack cannons to form a huge launcher. So there's no reason for you to get just one of them only.

GundamThroneZwei_s PrototypeZwei_s.1
On the right is the prototype for Throne Zwei coming in March.
Image from

Not to be mistaken: this is Throne Eins coming in early February.
Scan from SRW Hotnews

Also, the new equipment for Exia, GN Arms has being announced, and the kit will include a 1/144 Exia as well.

How is Exia going to use his seven swords with this huge weapon platform mounted on him I wonder.
Image from Toysdaily.

Lastly, Tieren Space Type coming in next month - 1,575 Yen.

Scan from SRW Hotnews

All the scans of the upcoming merchandises from SRW Hotnews. Click to enlarge:

scan1_s scan2_s scan3_s

Other news on upcoming Gundam merchandises:
HG Overflag (Graham Arce's Team Customized) - March, 1,680 Yen

The only distinction of this upcoming Overflag as compared to Graham Arce's Customized Flag is seemingly the rifle only.
On the far right is Action Base Clear Green type mentioned some time ago.
Also, still no idea on the release about the release of FG Gundam O even though it's mentioned here ^^;
View the original scan from Toysdaily from this link.

A huge God Keron (23cm) will be available in March at 4,725 Yen. Not sure if this is the 'repackaged' five Mk. II Robo or a new design, as new equipments are included.
View the original scan from Toysdaily from this link.
On top are the two Speed Grade models coming in March.