Monday, January 07, 2008

Breaking News on Gundam Throne EDITED

EDITED: more information about the three characters.

Breaking News!! - the three pilots for Gundam Throne Eins, Zwei and Drei, and the color of this new Gundam.

New_Gundam_Meisters_01_s New_Gundam_Meisters_02_s
New pilots with a new angry-looking Haro. From this perspective, Gundam Throne looks a bit like Alteisen, or maybe that's just me ^^
Images from Newtype magazine scan this month.

A red Gundam, and a female pilot finally! And a cute one too ^^ I suppose people will be talking more about the pilots after this, instead of clearing stuff up a bit after the announcement of the arrival of Gundam Throne. So far, it's not revealed which side they'll be fighting on. So, at the moment, I suppose the only conclusive thing about these characters are just their appearance.

Also, from the tit-bits I read from forums, the story of Gundam Double O is moving into large scale battle soon, where the three bodies of the world will work together to try to capture the Gundam Meisters, by setting up a trap of some sort. Can the Meisters repel the whole world this time? and what will the roles of these new Gundams be in the upcoming conflict?

Highly anticipating ^^

Anyway, that's what I read, believe it at your own risks ^^; But I suppose it's kind of obvious anyway, since full scale assault on the Gundam Meisters is 'inevitable' after so many failed attempts at capturing them by a single body or nation. For the greed of obtaining this piece of valuable technology from the Celestial Beings, a global collaboration may be the only way to go.

Well, like I said, things said on forums are always disputable. I myself am going to catch each episode of Gundam Double O just to watch with my own eyes what exactly will happen next in the story.

But it's always great to dig up some latest information and share right? XD

EDITED: the names of the pilots of Gundam Throne and their voice-actors
- Thrones Eins - Yohan Trinity / Katsuyuki Konishi
- Thrones Zwei - Mihaeru Trinity / Daisuke Namikawa
- Thrones Drei - Neena Trinity / Rie Kugimiya

Trinity is actually the surname of these new characters, meaning that they are actually triplets. Now that's something new ^^ Yohan is the eldest among the three and is the leader of the group; Mihael exhibits crazy behaviors and has two moles up his face; Neena is an outgoing girl and the more 'normal' one among her siblings (i.e. very cute and likeable ^o^).

(from left to right) Neena, Mihael and Yohan, and the huge title for the 2-page spreads reads "The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Together, They Are One." Wow!