Friday, June 06, 2008

1/100 Astraea Type F & RAHDX File Neo

Images of 1/100 Astraea Type F from The Gundam Base Side One:

astraea_type_f_boxart_s gbs1_astraea_f_latest_06_s
gbs1_astraea_f_latest_01_s gbs1_astraea_f_latest_02_s gbs1_astraea_f_latest_07_s
gbs1_astraea_f_latest_03_s gbs1_astraea_f_latest_05_s
gbs1_astraea_f_latest_13_s gbs1_astraea_f_latest_04_s
gbs1_astraea_f_latest_11_s gbs1_astraea_f_latest_12_s
gbs1_astraea_f_latest_09_s gbs1_astraea_f_latest_10_s
Images from Toysdaily.

On the other hand, more images and information on the two RAHDX Zeon figures reported some time ago. Fans of very 'manly' figures beware ^^

RAHDX_Ramba_01_s RAHDX_Ramba_02_s
RAHDX_Ramba_03_s RAHDX_Ramba_04_s RAHDX_Ramba_05_s
RAHDX_Ramba_06_s RAHDX_Ramba_07_s RAHDX_Ramba_08_s
Excellent RAHDX Gundam Archives NEO (1) 1/8 scale Ramba Ral - Late August release, 6,090 Yen (with tax). 230mm tall.
Images from Amiami.

RAHDX_Dozle_01_s RAHDX_Dozle_02_s
RAHDX_Dozle_03_s RAHDX_Dozle_04_s RAHDX_Dozle_05_s
RAHDX_Dozle_06_s RAHDX_Dozle_07_s RAHDX_Dozle_08_s
Excellent RAHDX Gundam Archives NEO (2) 1/8 scale Dozle Zabi - Late August release, 6,090 Yen (with tax). 250mm tall.
Images from Amiami.