Sunday, June 08, 2008

Spawn Lazengan Ver.

Worry not, that's just the title I gave to this post ^^

It's been quite a while since I last checked for updates on McFarlane's Spawn. Although I'm not exactly an enthusiastic fan of the series as I'm for Gundam, I must say that some of the figures in the series are extremely awesome. Apart from everyone's favorite Mandarin Spawn, my picks include Spawn Series 18: Interlink 6 (someone offered me the whole set for RM280 in 2002, but I turned it down T______________T), Raven Spawn, She Spawn, and Tiffany repainted.

Anyway, a new series of Spawn is coming this October, called Robot Wars:
"SPAWN enters the machine age with Series 35: Robot Wars. The historic 35th line of SPAWN action figures makes the leap to the year 3047, when a heroic team of robot warriors fights to defend Earth from the unstoppable force of the villainous Mechanoid Army." -- from

spawn35_mechaspawn_s spawn35_techno_s spawn35_striker_s
(From left to right) Mecha Spawn, Techno, Striker, ...

spawn35_mechanoidcrusher_s spawn35_crusher_s spawn35_breaker_s
... Mechanoid Trooper , Crusher, and Breaker.

Spawn in this series, called Mecha Spawn looks almost completely different from all its predecessors. For me, only the mask and the white stripe on the body look like they are from the the Spawn series. The trademark skull on its belt and chain are gone.

Also, is it just me, or do you feel that Crusher looks really similar to Lazengan from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann? ^^;

I believe it's just coincidence ^^

Not too sure whether fans of the original Spawn are going to accept these designs, or are they going to end up as another Techno Spawn. ^^; But for me, their colors are extremely groovy XD