Sunday, June 08, 2008

GFF Gundam Mk. III

When it comes to the Gundam Fix Figuration line, everyone's attention seems to be fixed upon the upcoming Metal Composite Psycho Gundam Mk. II, but Gundam Mk. III which will be released before it packs quite a bit of surprises as well.

New images reveals that it comes with the Full Armor mode. I've never heard that Gundam Mk. III has a FA mode actually. ^^; Probably it's an original design for this GFF release.

Toysdaily_Gundam_mkIII_FA_06_s Toysdaily_Gundam_mkIII_FA_07_s Toysdaily_Gundam_mkIII_FA_01_s
Toysdaily_Gundam_mkIII_FA_02_s Toysdaily_Gundam_mkIII_FA_03_s Toysdaily_Gundam_mkIII_FA_04_s
Plenty of weapons for you to play around with ^^

Gundam Mk. III will be available in July at 5,500 Yen (without tax).

Still about GFF, a new image of the future Gundam NT-1:

Notice the feet has been changed to the flatter Gundam Ver. Ka type.

All images from Toysdaily.