Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gundam Fan Arts Part 2

After Part 1, creative Gundam fan arts from various forums and image boards strike again:

AlternateSwordStrike_s StrangeLauncher_s
Sword and Launcher packs equipped... er... who's that?

Sark Night Strike, or Deathscythe Strike, or V-finless Strike ^^; Somehow he reminds me of
Kamen Rider Knight.

Duel Gundam is screaming about his over-weighted armors XD

FreedomOriginalArrange01_s FreedomOriginalArrange02_s
Freedom Gundam with over-sized wings.

StrikeFreedomEX_s EternalFreedom_s
Two more modifications on Strike Freedom and Freedom, which make this mecha from SEED and SEED Destiny look closer to Wing.

GoldenFreedom_s GenesicStrikeFreedom_s
Golden Freedom and Genesic Strike Freedom - now the design is moving away from the world of Gundam XD

A transformable Freedom ^^

StrangeJustice_s StrangeInfiniteJustice_s
Aegis? Justice? Infinite Justice?

More coming in Part 3.