Thursday, June 05, 2008

HCM-Pro Sandrock & SHCM-Pro Zaku II

So, it's a 'new' day for Malaysian (starting from midnight today actually).

The petrol price in the country is up from RM1.92 to RM2.70 per liter now, a hike of 40 percent. In addition to that, electricity bill will be up as well, which piles on top of the price hike for rice, and just about everything else.


Is that going to affect my interest in Gunpla? Most probably not, but I don't think I'll be able to accomplish the Gunpla wish list I promised myself last birthday. I think right now, even if I have extra money to spend, it's better to save up for the unknown future.

Time to cross out some many items on my list ^^;

Anyway, GA Graphic posted images of the samples for HCM-Pro Sandrock and SHCM-Pro Zaku II Mass Productive Land Type:

gagraphic_sandrock_hcmpro_01_s gagraphic_sandrock_hcmpro_02_s gagraphic_sandrock_hcmpro_03_s
gagraphic_sandrock_hcmpro_04_s gagraphic_sandrock_hcmpro_05_s gagraphic_sandrock_hcmpro_06_s
gagraphic_sandrock_hcmpro_07_s gagraphic_sandrock_hcmpro_08_s gagraphic_sandrock_hcmpro_09_s
gagraphic_sandrock_hcmpro_10_s gagraphic_sandrock_hcmpro_11_s gagraphic_sandrock_hcmpro_12_s
HCM-Pro Sandrock.

gagraphic_shcmpro_zakuII_01_s gagraphic_shcmpro_zakuII_02_s gagraphic_shcmpro_zakuII_03_s
gagraphic_shcmpro_zakuII_04_s gagraphic_shcmpro_zakuII_05_s gagraphic_shcmpro_zakuII_06_s
gagraphic_shcmpro_zakuII_07_s gagraphic_shcmpro_zakuII_08_s gagraphic_shcmpro_zakuII_09_s
gagraphic_shcmpro_zakuII_10_s gagraphic_shcmpro_zakuII_11_s gagraphic_shcmpro_zakuII_12_s
SHCM-Pro Zaku II Mass Productive Land Type.

All images from GA Graphics.

The color of these figures strangely reflects my feeling ^^;