Monday, June 02, 2008

HG Enact & SD Exia EDITED

EDITED: Edited information from Gunota Headlines.

August Gunpla releases, as reported by Gunota Headlines:

HG Enact Mass-Production Type - 1,050 yen

As expected?
The Mass Production type is the one shown on the top right. Personally I prefer the commander type used by Patrick for its rather 'refreshing' color scheme. ^^

Real SD Gundam Exia - 630 yen

Well, not exactly like this, especially the eyes, but the huge GN Sword should be looking as awesome nonetheless.

HGUC Rick Dom II - 1,575 yen

Since it was already out a few years ago, I wonder why Rick Dom II is coming out (again) in August.
Have a look at mine.
EDITED: Information from HSM's Apron No Hito Mokei Production Diary says that this will be the light green colony attack color version.

Apart from that, beginning in July, five different models in the BB Senshi Sangokuden lineup (Sousou Gundam, Sonken Gundam, Ryuubi Gundam, Chouhi Gundam, Kan-u Gundam) will each come with their own transparent PET effects parts.

The prize items for these BB Senshi Sangokuden models are endless! ^^;
Image from Hobby Shop Midori.

For those who bought these few Sangokuden models because of the special grunt unit included in them some time ago, still interested to get them again?

Finally, more images of MG Gundam Ver. 2.0:

MG_Gundam_Ver2_New_01_s MG_Gundam_Ver2_New_06_s
MG_Gundam_Ver2_New_04_s MG_Gundam_Ver2_New_03_s
MG_Gundam_Ver2_New_02_s MG_Gundam_Ver2_New_05_s
Need more images of the Core Fighter and its inner frame actually. These action poses can actually be performed by Ver. OYW.
Images from Amazon Japan.