Saturday, June 28, 2008

HGUC Sazabi


A completed HGUC Sazabi by Cagalli-bi.

CagalliBi_HGUC_Sazabi_02_s CagalliBi_HGUC_Sazabi_03_s
CagalliBi_HGUC_Sazabi_07_s CagalliBi_HGUC_Sazabi_06_s
A little touch up using Gundam marker (gold for all the thrusters and other yellow parts) is enough to bring out the beauty of this model.

CagalliBi_HGUC_Sazabi_04_s CagalliBi_HGUC_Sazabi_05_s
The head is much simple as compared to the MG version, but at least the mono-eye camera is movable.

CagalliBi_HGUC_Sazabi_10_s CagalliBi_HGUC_Sazabi_11_s
CagalliBi_HGUC_Sazabi_12_s CagalliBi_HGUC_Sazabi_15_s
CagalliBi_HGUC_Sazabi_14_s CagalliBi_HGUC_Sazabi_13_s
CagalliBi_HGUC_Sazabi_16_s CagalliBi_HGUC_Sazabi_17_s
Being smaller in size definitely helps Sazabi to be able to perform more coolsome actions than his bigger MG counterpart. ^^

CagalliBi_HGUC_Sazabi_08_s CagalliBi_HGUC_Sazabi_09_s
Char and Amuro's final duel!
Watch the articulation of Sazabi's neck in the right picture - better design than the MG version! ^^

All images from Cagalli-bi.