Sunday, June 15, 2008

Revoltech Lazengann

A review on Revoltech Lazengann from Gamu-Toys:

gamutoys_razengan_01_s gamutoys_razengan_02_s gamutoys_razengan_11_s
gamutoys_razengan_03_s gamutoys_razengan_04_s
gamutoys_razengan_05_s gamutoys_razengan_06_s
The backpack shown on the right seems more like an accessory for Gurren Lagann instead.

gamutoys_razengan_09_s gamutoys_razengan_10_s
Epic battle scene!

Folks who're interested can get this awesome Revoltech action figure soon (mid June) at 1,900 Yen (without tax).

All images from Gamu-Toys.