Monday, June 02, 2008

Veoh Vanished in Malaysia

I believe I'm quite a slowpoke in this, but I'll report it here nonetheless.

"Veoh is no longer available from Malaysia."

If you're a user in Malaysia, that'll be the message you'll get when you try to access Veoh. It seems like Veoh had blocked its service from Malaysian IPs.


Apart from Malaysia, many South East Asian country also share the same ill-fortune of being blocked by Veoh. As a matter of fact, Singapore and the Philippines are the only two SEA countries not being blocked. Many South American, African and Eastern European countries will also see the same message as us Malaysian. You can have a look at the list of 164 countries being blocked on Veoh Forum.

The reason?

"Unfortunately Veoh has ended service in your countries due to a low concentration of users. Veoh is maintaining service in countries when we have the highest concentration of viewers." -- Veoh Forum

Why? Veoh, why? Why did you block us Malaysian? How do I watch Kiva and Macross Frontier weekly from now on without you? T___T I don't want BitTorrent download, and I hate the very s--l--o--w streaming from Tudou as well.

Why? Veoh, why? Why did you abandon us Malaysian?