Sunday, June 01, 2008

Yotsuba DX Summer Holiday Set

Yotsuba is back!! Enjoying her summer holidays XD

Revoltech_Yotsuba_New_01_s Revoltech_Yotsuba_New_02_s Revoltech_Yotsuba_New_03_s
Revoltech_Yotsuba_New_04_s Revoltech_Yotsuba_New_05_s Revoltech_Yotsuba_New_06_s Revoltech_Yotsuba_New_07_s
Revoltech_Yotsuba_New_08_s Revoltech_Yotsuba_New_09_s Revoltech_Yotsuba_New_10_s
Images from GA Graphic.

Not exactly a reissued Revoltech figure, the content of this new Yotsuba is actually different from its first release. Apart from the new accessories, new expressions are designed. Even her T shirt now has a picture printed on the front ^^

Yotsuba 2007 Ver.
Image from Hobby Search.

So, I believe Yotsuba's fans are eager to get this new release as well? Its release date is August, 2,599 Yen (with tax).

On the other hand, a more serious (^^;) Revoltech figure coming up is Rei Bandage Ver. from Evangelion. Read more about this figure on Gundamaniac.

Revoltech_Fraulein_Rei_03_s Revoltech_Fraulein_Rei_02_s
August release, 2,200 Yen (without tax).
Images from GA Graphic.