Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 21

Rhapsody: The Fate of the Ring

Back to Kamen Rider Kiva after more than two weeks. Sorry for those who are waiting for this review after so long. ^^; Any later than this, I might have to do a double-episode review next week XD

Th reason behind the delay is that I couldn't find the episode on VeohTV - the fine folks there haven't uploaded it yet I believe. So I was forced to watch the streaming version on Tudou, and the quality is of course not as cool as the usual 230MB-AVI I got from Veoh and VeohTV previously.

Anyway, I'm happy I get to watch this episode. Hopefully Episode 22 will be available on VeohTV next week.

This week's episode features very little Kiva action actually, but fans get to watch a few female cameos, cute ones too. XD So I believe it's what you call 'gain and loss'? ^^; Also, the focus isn't on Kiva (or Ixa) anyway, but Rikki, the Franken monster.

kiva21_01 kiva21_02
Otoya's first real date with Yuri. Things are supposed to brighten up between the two, but everything goes down-hill after this, because...

kiva21_03 kiva21_04
... Jiro's getting desperate. Even his two friends remind him about Otoya's advance on Yuri.

kiva21_05 kiva21_06
In present time, Kengo calls Keisuke his sensei, even though the later seems very reluctant to his request. Wataru comes to help in the persuasion, but Keisuke isn't that easy to be defeated by words (which we all know pretty well ^^;)

kiva21_07 kiva21_08
kiva21_09 kiva21_10
Jiro's huge leap: an engagement ring to Yuri even before Yuri get to reject it. Smart move, Otoya should learn a bit from him XD

kiva21_11 kiva21_12
Yuri meets up with her friend for advise, where Jiro suddenly appears, and they are invited to wedding mixer.

kiva21_13 kiva21_14
This week's Fangire, the Chameleon Fangire, which happens to be a very polite boutique owner with top fashion sense in human form. He only targets women with nice dresses. A very classy Fangire ^^;

kiva21_15 kiva21_16
Back to 2008, Megumi and co. attend a singles' gathering(?). Megumi's order totally confuses Yuria the shy waitress. A disaster awaits her... ^^;

kiva21_17 kiva21_18
The expressions of girls when it comes to Wataru XD

kiva21_19 kiva21_20
Yuri's wedding mixer in 1986, which turns into Jiro and Otoya's 'battleground' in secret. Rikki is invited as well, and he totally enjoys the food. Ramon is probably too young to come along XD

kiva21_21 kiva21_22
Otoya bumps into his kiddy-love, Kumi.
And yes, that's Otoya in his kindergarden days, already pretty good at flirting with girl.

kiva21_23 kiva21_24
Keisuke is helpless, Wataru's no difference ^^;

kiva21_25 kiva21_26
kiva21_27 kiva21_28
Some really funny moments in Yuri's wedding mixer. Rikki seems to have his own plan ...

kiva21_29 kiva21_30
Silhouette of Rikki's Franken form, and Yuri's friend turns into his main dish!

kiva21_31 kiva21_32
kiva21_33 kiva21_34
Yuria spills Megumi's order onto Wataru and Keisuke, and is being told off by her boss. She probably didn't do well in Diner Dash too ^^;

kiva21_35 kiva21_36
The Chameleon Fangire tries to attack a woman, but Rikki is in his way.

kiva21_37 kiva21_38
kiva21_39 kiva21_40
Rikki totally owns the Fangire, and the Fangire uses his invisibility skill to retreat in the end. Instead of being saved, the woman turns into Rikki's second victim in this episode!

kiva21_41 kiva21_42
Wataru meets up with the waitress in a garden. Is he going to dump Megumi for Yuria? XD

kiva21_43 kiva21_44
Finally, some Kamen Rider action. ^^; As the Fangire kills a girl, Keisuke appears with IXAlion. Wataru's probably still busy with his date. ^^

kiva21_45 kiva21_46
Ixa only gets to fire his machine gun for a few seconds before finding the Fangire to disappear into the jungle.

kiva21_47 kiva21_48
The Chameleon Fangire's invisibility reminds me of the Predator. ^^

kiva21_49 kiva21_50
Kiva's Darkness Moon Break misses the Fangire as he blinks out at the very last second.

kiva21_51 kiva21_52
Back in 1986, Otoya's dating Kumi; while Yuri goes out with her future husband Jiro. She feels something is amiss (obviously).

Preview for next week's episode, Overture: Fateful Intersection:
- Yuri and Jiro's wedding?
- Kengo's boating date and Keisuke's own date XD
- Wataru advancing on Yuria
- Kiva Dogga form

kiva21_53 kiva21_54

Watch this week's episode on Tudou (red Chinese and Japanese subtitle ^^;).