Wednesday, June 18, 2008

200,000 Thanks and More!

According to my ClustrMaps counter, the total visit to my blog has passed 200,000 yesterday (17 June) ^^

My Nuffnang account records different number of visit though ^^;

Majority of my readers are from the United States. Hello American readers, how are you today? ^^

It's great to see that there are many Gundam fans from Australia, and European countries like France and the United Kingdom.

As my blog just reached its 100,000-visit benchmark by late February this year, having the number of visit to double in around three months is a great encouragement to me. ^^

But more importantly, knowing that many readers visit my blog daily is a huge encouragement for me to continue updating it, as much as possible, especially with the latest information on upcoming Gundam merchandises and related news.

Really, from the bottom of my heart, thank you all very much for supporting my blog, for the comments made, email sent and friend requests to my Friendster account. XD

The original objective of my blog is to share my interest in Gundam with everyone on the blogosphere. Today I think that objective is pretty much achieved, with so many visits from Gundam fans around the globe, plus many friends I made through changing links. Even when I'm off line, I get to meet many friends in my hometown who know me through my blog. Either way, I'm truly thrilled with the experience.

Also, many of you are asking what happened to my Gunpla review section. Well, I'm quite aware of that as well. The truth is that I'm currently stocking up my Gunplas before beginning any new 'project'. ^^; Having a huge stockpile of Gunplas, and then to 'intoxicate' in the satisfaction of knowing that I have plenty of Gunplas to work on later is really an ...

...awesome feeling... ^^;

My friends think that that is a possible psychological problem. Haha ^^. Any of you out there who share the same 'illness' as me?

Three 1/100 Gundam Double O Gunplas and SD Sangokuden Shiba-I Sazabi in my cupboard.

MG Destiny, Unicorn, and 1/100 Virtue/Nadleeh under the desk.

More to come for sure. With the price hike on almost everything right now, sparing money for Gunplas is going to be harder, but the interest isn't stopping anyway. XD

Anyway, thanks for all your support again. Stay tuned for more updates ^^