Monday, June 30, 2008

MG Gundam Ver. 2.0 Sample

There's still some time before the official release of the highly anticipated MG Gundam Ver. 2.0, but some lucky folks in Japan are working on the early release samples of that kit. Let's have a look at what this MG has to offer:

Mokei_MG_GundamVer2_08_s Mokei_MG_GundamVer2_09_s
Mokei_MG_GundamVer2_10_s Mokei_MG_GundamVer2_11_s
Nicely molded parts for the Core Fighter which emphasize on minimum parting lines. Then again, this isn't exactly new anymore eh? ^^;

Mokei_MG_GundamVer2_03_s Mokei_MG_GundamVer2_05_s
Since Ver. OYW doesn't have a Core Fighter system, and the one in Ver. 1.5 uses the same one from the very first MG, the Core Fighter goes through a huge improvement in Ver. 2.0. For example the missile launcher adapted from the PG version, details of the thrusters ...

Mokei_MG_GundamVer2_06_s the ability to adjust the pilot seat to face the cockpit hatch after the transformation. Not to mention all the colors are molded as well.

Mokei_MG_GundamVer2_02_s Mokei_MG_GundamVer2_07_s.1
Comes with a little transparent for the Core Fighter itself.
The best so far? You bet! ^^
Images from Apron No Hito's Mokei Production Diary.

Datsu_MG_GundamVer2_01_s Datsu_MG_GundamVer2_02_s
The 'typical' Ver. 2.0 construction manual - black border around the image from the box art. A very 80's styled illustration this time, but no kidding, it'll be very close to how the assembled RX-78-2 is going to look like XD
This is also the first Gundam's bazooka (also used by GM) to come with the white parts.
Images from Datsu! Mikkabouzu.

Also, some updates on another MG I'm not getting: XD Zaku Cannon from Model Graphix August issue.

MG Zaku II Ver 2.0 with the most changes so far. ^^
Magazine scan from Toysdaily.