Wednesday, June 04, 2008

SHCM-Pro Zaku II and Others

Plenty of images on SHCM-Pro Zaku II this time, as well as MG Gundam Ver. 2.0, HCM-Pro Sandrock, Tallgeese and Shenlong. The photos of the first three Gundam merchandises mentioned above are from The Gundam Base Side One, posted on Toysdaily.

MG Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. 2

gbs1_mg_gundam_ver2_01_s gbs1_mg_gundam_ver2_02_s gbs1_mg_gundam_ver2_03_s
gbs1_mg_gundam_ver2_04_s gbs1_mg_gundam_ver2_05_s
gbs1_mg_gundam_ver2_06_s gbs1_mg_gundam_ver2_07_s gbs1_mg_gundam_ver2_08_s
Still no sign of its Core Fighter and inner frame XD
Images from Toysdaily.

Comparison between the Gunpla and the many famous scenes from the original anime. Image also from Toysdaily.

SHCM-Pro Zaku II Mass Productive Type

gbs1_shcmpro_zaku_mass_01_s gbs1_shcmpro_zaku_mass_02_s gbs1_shcmpro_zaku_mass_03_s
gbs1_shcmpro_zaku_mass_04_s gbs1_shcmpro_zaku_mass_05_s gbs1_shcmpro_zaku_mass_06_s
gbs1_shcmpro_zaku_mass_07_s gbs1_shcmpro_zaku_mass_08_s gbs1_shcmpro_zaku_mass_09_s
gbs1_shcmpro_zaku_mass_10_s gbs1_shcmpro_zaku_mass_11_s
gbs1_shcmpro_zaku_mass_15_s gbs1_shcmpro_zaku_mass_13_s
gbs1_shcmpro_zaku_mass_14_s gbs1_shcmpro_zaku_mass_12_s
gbs1_shcmpro_zaku_mass_16_s gbs1_shcmpro_zaku_mass_17_s
Anyone thinking of assembling a whole squadron of these SHCM-Pro Zaku IIs? Please keep in mind that each one of them is 7,800 Yen (without tax). ^^;
Images from Toysdaily.

HCM-Pro Sandrock

toysdaily_hcmpro_sandrock_box_s toysdaily_hcmpro_sandrock_01_s
toysdaily_hcmpro_sandrock_02_s toysdaily_hcmpro_sandrock_03_s toysdaily_hcmpro_sandrock_10_s
toysdaily_hcmpro_sandrock_04_s toysdaily_hcmpro_sandrock_05_s
toysdaily_hcmpro_sandrock_06_s toysdaily_hcmpro_sandrock_07_s
toysdaily_hcmpro_sandrock_08_s toysdaily_hcmpro_sandrock_09_s
toysdaily_hcmpro_sandrock_11_s toysdaily_hcmpro_sandrock_12_s
Its machine gun is indeed being omitted for this HCM-Pro release.
Images from Toysdaily.

HCM-Pro Tallgeese

toysdaily_hcmpro_tallgeese_01_s.1 toysdaily_hcmpro_tallgeese_04_s.1
toysdaily_hcmpro_tallgeese_03_s.1 toysdaily_hcmpro_tallgeese_02_s.1
The shield used to be of black and white, as seen on its Gunpla version.
Images from Hobbyist Inc..

HCM-Pro Shenlong

toysdaily_hcmpro_shenlong_01_s toysdaily_hcmpro_shenlong_02_s
toysdaily_hcmpro_shenlong_03_s toysdaily_hcmpro_shenlong_04_s
That beam scythe looks really mean ^^
Images from Hobbyist Inc..

On the other hand, the 1/400 scale Gundam Collection DX series has come to its 7th release. According to the official site, apart from the four MSs below, three previously announced MSs: F91, V2 Assault Buster, and Z Plus C1 [Bst] "Hummingbird" will also be included in this DX set.

Include Avalanche Exia, Shin Musha Gundam, Hi-Nu Gundam and RX-124 TR-6 [Woundwort].
Image from Toysdaily.

Lastly, the official image of the upcoming 1/35 Mechanic Collection Vinsent Commander Type.

Available this month, 2,000 Yen (without tax)
Image from Toysdaily.