Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 20

Nocturne: The Lovely Messiah

Megumi is injured from last week's fight with the Ladybug Fangire while Wataru is still being possessed by his father's spirit ^^;

kiva20_01 kiva20_02
Wataru Otoya knows Kivat Bat's father!

kiva20_03 kiva20_04
The Ladybug Fangire is holding Keisuke and Kengo hostages while he waits for Ixa to come and challenge him.

kiva20_05 kiva20_06
kiva20_07 kiva20_08
Megumi's in the hospital and Wataru Otoya visits her, much to her annoyance actually ^^; ...

kiva20_09 kiva20_10
... even at the pool

kiva20_01 kiva20_12
Back in 1986, Otoya bumps into a black-robed woman named Maya at a wedding ceremony.

kiva20_13 kiva20_14
As Rook comes to whack havoc at the wedding ceremony, Yuri with the Ixa Knuckle hesitates again, and in the end, fear takes over her and she runs away!

kiva20_15 kiva20_16
Rook didn't get to finish his game though, Maya stands in his way, and Rook recognizes her as the Queen of the Checkmate Four.

kiva20_17 kiva20_19
With Rook being told away, Maya turns to the bride, and revealed her to be one of the Fangires.

kiva20_18 kiva20_20
Telling the bride that she has 'broken the rule' by falling in love with a human being, she is killed by the Queen.
Maya seems to know how to change day to night as seen in Kiva's ultimate move, Darkness Moon Break.

kiva20_21 kiva20_22
Yuri shares her fear with Otoya, as Jiro watches on. Unlike previous episodes, he only gets around three seconds appearance with no line this week ^^;

kiva20_23 kiva20_24
Megumi trains hard for her leg's recovery, as Wataru Otoya continues to 'help' her in his own way.

kiva20_25 kiva20_26
"Accept your weakness, and live as a normal human being, or live as a warrior forever."

kiva20_27 kiva20_28
kiva20_29 kiva20_30
Megumi is back, and with the Ixa system returned to Keisuke, both of them totally pawn the Ladybug Fangire.

kiva20_31 kiva20_32
At the same time, Wataru seems to be free from his father's possession, permanently.

kiva20_33 kiva20_34
Ixa finishes the Fangire with his ultimate move, Ixa Judgment, but the danger isn't over, as the Fangire turns into the fourth Sabbat in the series so far.

kiva20_35 kiva20_36
Kiva summons Castle Dran (with came late), and Ixa summons his Powered Ixar.

kiva20_37 kiva20_38
kiva20_39 kiva20_40
As Powered Ixar is having trouble with the Sabbat, Castle Dran picks the machine up for a combined attack. Kiva and Ixa finish the Sabbat with a double rider kick XD
I wonder how Keisuke feels after that temporary teamwork there.

kiva20_41 kiva20_42
Life is back to normal for Wataru, but Megumi isn't too happy about that, as she wants to see more of his other identity.
Otoya also helps his son to complete the pieces of violin he was having trouble with.

kiva20_43 kiva20_44
This week's episode ends by showing Maya walking under a red moon, with Kivat Bat flying around her?!

Preview of next week's episode, Rhapsody: The Fate of the Ring (sounds like The Lord of the Rings XD)

kiva20_45 kiva20_46
A gathering for Megumi and her friends, and is that Wataru's new found love?

kiva20_47 kiva20_48
Otoya meeting Jiro and his two partners 'in crime'. XD
Is that Yuri going out on a date with Otoya? ^^

kiva20_49 kiva20_50
Jiro proposes to Yuri!
And more Ixa action as well.