Thursday, June 19, 2008

25,000 Yen Display Base

*Also reported on SRW Hotnews.


A customized display base for Studio Halfeye's Perfect Change Cybuster in August. The price is a whopping 25,000 Yen (without tax)! O_O

Cybuster_Stand_02_s.1 Cybuster_Stand_03_s.1
Cybuster_Stand_04_s.1 Cybuster_Stand_05_s.1
Cybuster_Stand_06_s.1 Cybuster_Stand_07_s.1
Cybuster_Stand_08_s.1 Cybuster_Stand_09_s.1
Cybuster_Stand_10_s.1 Cybuster_Stand_11_s.1
The display base comes with LED system and part which allow Cybuster to be posed in its signature move, Akashic Buster.

I suppose folks who could afford spending 59,850 Yen (with tax) on Cybuster itself wouldn't mind another 25,000 Yen for the special display base ^^;

All images from Studio Halfeye.