Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Air Shock Battle 1/12 Beam Saber

Information from Gunota Headlines:

"Available in September for 4,980 Yen (with tax), it works in 3 different modes: standard (with sound FX as you swing), scenario (featuring 7 stages with Toru Furuya's voice in battles with the Zaku & Gouf + unlockable Newtype sound FX for standard mode), and kakutougi mode (similar to standard with beam saber clash vibration). Comes with adapter and stand.

The item is aimed at new & casual Gundam fans 8 and up as well as the hardcore fan and a large scale promotion is planned."

Not just Gundam fans, I believe many Star Wars fans would be interested in this product too ^^
Images from Hobby Shop Midori

So, make no mistake, no beam blade is going to come out from this beam saber XD

More news on Gundam merchandises coming up real soon ^^