Friday, June 27, 2008

More MG Gundam Ver. 2.0 Goodies

More attractions of MG Gundam Ver. 2.0 being unveiled via a new set of photos from The Gundam Base Side One.

GBS1_MG_GundamVer2_New_01_s GBS1_MG_GundamVer2_New_02_s
GBS1_MG_GundamVer2_New_03_s GBS1_MG_GundamVer2_New_04_s
GBS1_MG_GundamVer2_New_05_s GBS1_MG_GundamVer2_New_06_s
GBS1_MG_GundamVer2_New_07_s GBS1_MG_GundamVer2_New_08_s
Sliding front skirt armors?

GBS1_MG_GundamVer2_New_09_s GBS1_MG_GundamVer2_New_10_s
GBS1_MG_GundamVer2_New_11_s GBS1_MG_GundamVer2_New_12_s
Much wider shoulder articulation to the front.

GBS1_MG_GundamVer2_New_13_s GBS1_MG_GundamVer2_New_14_s
Such articulation and action are possible since the MGs from the SEED/Destiny series.

GBS1_MG_GundamVer2_New_15_s GBS1_MG_GundamVer2_New_16_s
Making comparison with MG Acguy shows its improved waist design as compared to Ver. OYW.

GBS1_MG_GundamVer2_New_17_s GBS1_MG_GundamVer2_New_18_s
Crazy stunt! XD

All images from The Gundam Base Side One.