Sunday, June 15, 2008

Gundam & Animals

You think there's no connection between the two?

Well, think again ^^

This cat is quite famous actually. I saw the picture before quite some time ago. This particular one is found through Google Search, and it's from Levian's blog.

MG Acguy's cuteness is unbeatable for little kitties XD
EDITED: This photo, and plenty more kitties and Acguy cuteness can be found on Mizuha's Photostream.
Thanks to Stefan for providing the link.

Dear Athrun, kitty isn't amused at all XD

Rey Za Burrel's Zaku Phantom versus bunny... and lost!

That has got to be the best self made Gundam CG I've ever seen O_O
Video clip from Youtube. If you can't see anything, follow this link to the website.

It's an AT-Field equipped cat, RUN!!

Walker Gallia and his new mount XD

These are not my cats and bunny - seriously ^^;
Don't try these on your pets