Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Speculum Raigo Gundam

First there was Raigo Gundam, ...


... and now we have Speculum Raigo Gundam ^^;

Not enough with milking the Strike design, and now it's the Aile pack's turn to be 'redesigned'? ^^;
Image from Toysdaily.

My good Okawara-sensei, turning the balancer thrusters to face each other doesn't really make them seem stronger ^^;

Personally, for Raigo Gundam, I'll always prefer the fan art version done by Mugensoushi. I first saw it on some forum not long after Raigo Gundam was being announced last month, but didn't post it as I couldn't find the link. Special thanks to rpt011r, for locating the designer's website and link ^^

Making the vent on the face smaller makes Raigo's design much more likable for me.
Image from Mugensoushi's blog.