Monday, June 09, 2008

MSIA Tieren & Code Geass Units

Technically, the series name for the Code Geass merchandises in this posts is In Action!! OffShoot , but since they are a division of the Mobile Suit in Action line, I just put them together for a shorter (and less technical) title.

Anyway, several new images for the following action figures:

MSIA Tieren Ground Type - June 28 release, 1,890 Yen (with tax).

Tamashii_MSIA_Tieren_1_s Tamashii_MSIA_Tieren_4_s Tamashii_MSIA_Tieren_2_s
Tamashii_MSIA_Tieren_3_s Tamashii_MSIA_Tieren_5_s
Pretty much the assembled and painted version of the HG 1/144 scale version eh? ^^;

In Action!! OffShoot Guren Type-02 - Late July release, 2,940 Yen (with tax).

Tamashii_OffShoot_Guren02_1_s Tamashii_OffShoot_Guren02_3_s Tamashii_OffShoot_Guren02_5_s
Tamashii_OffShoot_Guren02_6_s Tamashii_OffShoot_Guren02_2_s Tamashii_OffShoot_Guren02_4_s
Comes with the first type arm.

In Action!! OffShoot Lancelot Conquista - Late August release, 3,360 Yen (with tax).

Tamashii_OffShoot_Lancelot_C_1_s Tamashii_OffShoot_Lancelot_C_2_s
Tamashii_OffShoot_Lancelot_C_3_s Tamashii_OffShoot_Lancelot_C_4_s
The cannon unit seems to be detachable from its Float unit to become Lancelot Air Cavalry. The rifle is from the first OffShoot Lancelot.

All images from Tamashii Web.