Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kamen Rider Kiva & Others From Tokyo Toy Show 2008

We're moving further away from the Gundam genre for the coverage on Tokyo Toy Show 2008. This time we look at many Kamen Rider merchandises, and of course from other series as well.

Otasuke_TTS_KamenRiderKiva_01_s Otasuke_TTS_KamenRiderKiva_02_s Otasuke_TTS_KamenRiderKiva_03_s
Promotion for Kamen Rider Kiva: The King of Hell Castle. Kivat Bats for Kamen Rider Rei and Arc are being displayed. In the middle is Kiva Emperor Form.

Otasuke_TTS_KamenRiderKiva_04_s Otasuke_TTS_KamenRiderKiva_05_s
Size comparison between Kiva and Kamen Rider Arc.

Otasuke_KamenRider_01_s Otasuke_KamenRider_02_s
SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Kabuto (Fall release), Urataros (under development) ...

Otasuke_KamenRider_03_s Otasuke_KamenRider_07_s
... Deneb Imagin (August release, 2,625 Yen)

Otasuke_KamenRider_04_s Otasuke_KamenRider_05_s
SIC Classics 2008 Shadow Moon (with Kamen Rider Black, October release, 4,410 Yen), and the much anticipated Momotaros & Sword Form (July release)

Ryutaros & Gun Form will be available in September, Urataros & Rod Form and Kintaros & Ax Form are under development.

Otasuke_TTS_BatmanDarkKnight_01_s Otasuke_TTS_BatmanDarkKnight_03_s
Didn't know that Batman The Dark Knight is so popular in Japan ^^
I don't have any product info of this Batmobile at the moment.

Movie Realization The Dark Knight's Bike from Tamashii Nation. September release. 8,925 Yen.

Otasuke_TTS_BatmanDarkKnight_04_s Otasuke_TTS_BatmanDarkKnight_02_s
Soft Vinyl Soul The Dark Knight from Tamashii Nation. July release.

Images above from Otasuke.

More images of SIC Den-O

HobbyStock_SICDenO_05_s HobbyStock_SICDenO_06_s
HobbyStock_SICDenO_07_s HobbyStock_SICDenO_08_s
Momotaros & Sword Form

HobbyStock_SICDenO_01_s HobbyStock_SICDenO_02_s HobbyStock_SICDenO_03_s HobbyStock_SICDenO_04_s
Ryutaros & Gun Form, Urataros & Rod Form and Kintaros & Ax Form.

Images above from Hobby Stock.

Check out this website for more information about releases from Tamashii Nations.

More Kamen Rider merchandises on display posted on GA Graphic.

GAGraphic_Kiva_New_Henshin01_s GAGraphic_Kiva_New_Henshin02_s
GAGraphic_Kiva_New_Henshin03_s GAGraphic_Kiva_New_Henshin04_s
Kiva's Emperor Form Henshin Wristband as reported some time ago - July release, comes with seven speeches. 3,990 Yen (tax included).

GAGraphic_TTS_Arc_Rei_01_s GAGraphic_TTS_Arc_Rei_02_s
GAGraphic_TTS_Arc_Rei_03_s GAGraphic_TTS_Arc_Rei_04_s
Kamen Rider Rei & Arc Kivat Bat - August release, 5,460 Yen (tax included)
KVEX Arc, KVEX Rei - August release, 840 Yen each (tax included).

GA_TTS_EngineDai-Shogun_01_s GA_TTS_EngineDai-Shogun_02_s
Engine Dai-Shogun, the 'Musha' version of Engine-Oh. September release, 7,140 Yen (inclusive of tax).
He will appear in the theatrical version of this current Super Sentai series, called Engine Sentai Go-onger: Boom Boom! Bang Bang! GekijōBang!! The movie will premiere at the same time as Kamen Rider Kiva: The King of Hell Castle.

GA_TTS_JumboWhale_01_s GA_TTS_JumboWhale_02_s
GA_TTS_JumboWhale_03_s GA_TTS_JumboWhale_04_s
Engine Jumbo Whale - July release, 5,775 Yen (inclusive of tax).
With the previously released Engine Toripter and Engine Jetras, the trio can gattai and become Engine-Oh Jetripter. Jumbo Whale can join with all the other Engines to form Engine-Oh G9, which is the gattai of all Engines in the series.

GA_TTS_SSp_LGaim_01_s GA_TTS_SSp_LGaim_02_s
GA_TTS_SSp_LGaim_03_s GA_TTS_SSp_LGaim_04_s
Soul Spec XS-10 L-Gaim Mk. I - Late August release, price TBA.

Images above from GA Graphic.

DO_TTS_Revoltech_01_s DO_TTS_Revoltech_02_s
New Revoltech action figure of Gurren Lagann, with its body full of drills (nondetachable).

DO_TTS_Revoltech_03_s DO_TTS_Revoltech_05_s
DO_TTS_Revoltech_06_s DO_TTS_Revoltech_07_s
The long overdue Revoltech ARX-8 Laevatein. ^^; The news of its release was out since December last year, and it was supposed to be released this April.
Well, at least it's finally going to be available ^^

DO_TTS_Revoltech_08_s DO_TTS_Revoltech_09_s
DO_TTS_Revoltech_10_s DO_TTS_Revoltech_11_s
DO_TTS_Revoltech_12_s DO_TTS_Revoltech_13_s
The very gorgeous Revoltech Fräulein series. Several of them are actually limited releases.

Images above from Dengeki Online.

AmiamiBlog_TTS_Ultraman_01_s AmiamiBlog_TTS_Ultraman_02_s
Something strange about the huge Ultraman statue at the event... It's made up of thousands of smaller Ultraman figures! O_O
Images from AmiBlo.

A female figurine wearing Predator's armors? What would Predator fans say about this? ^^;
Image from Digitamin Blog.