Monday, June 30, 2008

Gundam Ultimax

There are quite a lot of unofficial Gundam arts out there, some which even got released as printed publication. While copyright is a disputable issue, there's no denying the creativity and value of these arts.

Reported on Toysdaily, Gundam Ultimax is an ongoing Gundam mecha design series by S. Shimizu. The first issue was released in December 2007, and Volume 2 was out April this year. Many unconfirmed settings for many mecha from various Gundam series are available in these two volumes, including the very new Gundam Double O series and Gundam Unicorn.

Gundam_Ultimax_1_01 Gundam_Ultimax_2_01
Volume I has Gundam Exia on the cover, while Gundam Unicorn is on Volume II.

Gundam_Ultimax_1_02 Gundam_Ultimax_1_03 Gundam_Ultimax_1_04
Gundam_Ultimax_1_05 Gundam_Ultimax_1_06
Gundam_Ultimax_2_02 Gundam_Ultimax_2_03 Gundam_Ultimax_2_04
Gundam_Ultimax_2_05 Gundam_Ultimax_2_06
Some of the work you can get in these two volumes, including Dynames, Virtue, and Tieren Jiu Long - a totally new fan design.

The bad thing of it being unconfirmed means that you won't be able to find it on websites like HLJ, Hobby Search, or even Amazon. Folks who are interested in Gundam Ultimax can get it from MelonBooks. Each volume is 1,050 Yen (inclusive of tax).