Thursday, June 26, 2008

HGUC Sazabi Now Available

Hot Gunpla HGUC Sazabi is now available on Hobby Search.

What should I say about this huge release I'm have been waiting for for such a long time? The more one expects, the more disappointment one will get? ^^;

Looks awesome as expected O_O

Even though it's of a smaller scale, two different reds are molded for parts like the shoulder armors and feet, just like the MG version.
Also, the beam parts seem to be molded in clear yellow instead of luminous green.

Got to love the huge parts for rear skirt armor and shield.

The beam sabers cannot be stored in the forearm.
Also, one design for Gunpla which I dislike a lot: shoulder armors' joints being designed to be together with the shoulders themselves. So when the shoulders are bent, the armors will also follow :(

The mount rack for the shield is a bonus, allowing it to be mounted on the side of the forearm. I often wonder why didn't Bandai throw in such a simple part for the MG version last time ^^;
Images from Hobby Search.

Guess what, no transparent sticks for you to display the Funnels, despite being hotly rumored in the past. Sazabi will have to borrowed them from Jadg Doga.

Then again, am I cutting out Sazabi from my list? No way, the few flaws mentioned are no way near the awesomeness of the end model. Sazabi is a must get for all Gunpla fans for sure.

For Zoids fans, Saber Tiger is also available now from Hobby Search.

Also, more images of 1/400 Gundam Collection DX7. Despite being mentioned a few times before, this is the first posting where you get to see all seven types of this series. Unfortunately they are all unpainted (the actual merchandises are pre-painted of course). Even though I'm not a fan of such a small Gundam gashapon, I must say that their details are astonishing, especially for Z Plus C1.

Toysdaily_GundamCol_DX7_01 Toysdaily_GundamCol_DX7_02
Hi-Nu Gundam

Toysdaily_GundamCol_DX7_03 Toysdaily_GundamCol_DX7_04
Shin Musha

Toysdaily_GundamCol_DX7_05 Toysdaily_GundamCol_DX7_06

Toysdaily_GundamCol_DX7_07 Toysdaily_GundamCol_DX7_08
V2 Assault + Buster

Toysdaily_GundamCol_DX7_13 Toysdaily_GundamCol_DX7_14
Avalanche Exia

Toysdaily_GundamCol_DX7_09 Toysdaily_GundamCol_DX7_10 Toysdaily_GundamCol_DX7_11 Toysdaily_GundamCol_DX7_12
Z Plus C1 [Bst] "Hummingbird" and RX-124 TR-6 [Woundwort]
Images from Toysdaily.