Monday, June 23, 2008

BB Senshi Sangokuden Kanpei Gundam


A completed BB Senshi Sangokuden Kanpei Gundam by Lifezoids:

Lifezoids_Kanpei_02_s Lifezoids_Kanpei_03_s
Lifezoids_Kanpei_08_s Lifezoids_Kanpei_09_s
Being an almost all-white little fella without the armors, panel-lining is a must.

Lifezoids_Kanpei_04_s Lifezoids_Kanpei_05_s
Gundam fans should have no problem recognizing the backpack is designed after Ex-S Gundam, and the claws are actually beam cannons from the original design.

Lifezoids_Kanpei_06_s Lifezoids_Kanpei_07_s
The right palm included to hold the halberd looks really natural. Thumbs up for the design ^^

This image should be able to tell you how huge the halberd is as compared to the model itself.

All images from Lifezoids.