Monday, June 16, 2008

Funny Gunpla Again

It's amazing how creative some people can be with their Gunplas, especially the for the mono-eye series XD

Acguy_stuffed_s AcguyFreedom_s
Stuffed Acguy, and Freedom Acguy XD

Acguy on vacation after all those tiring role-playing ^^
* This is actually one of the promotional poster for MG Acguy when it was out a couple of years back.

Baund Duck is a powerful MS/MA not be underestimated ^^;

Dom has its Freedom ver. as well.
I think I saw this on Danny Choo's blog before.

Tieren_Char_s Tieren_Guntank_s
Gundam Double O and UC0079 crossover: Char's Tieren and Tieren-tank.

Henshin! Kamen Rider Turn A tanjou!

ZeonTV1_s ZeonTV2_s
Some very practical use of Zeong and Gouf's weapons in our home XD

Zock has got hijacked by Haruhi and her friends XD