Tuesday, June 03, 2008

GFF Metal Composite Psycho Gundam Mk. II & Others

The colossal GFF Metal Composite Psycho Gundam Mk. II coming in late July at 13,650 Yen (with tax):

ga_gff_psycho_mkii_02_s ga_gff_psycho_mkii_03_s ga_gff_psycho_mkii_04_s ga_gff_psycho_mkii_01_s
ga_gff_psycho_mkii_05_s ga_gff_psycho_mkii_06_s ga_gff_psycho_mkii_07_s
ga_gff_psycho_mkii_18_s ga_gff_psycho_mkii_19_s ga_gff_psycho_mkii_20_s
ga_gff_psycho_mkii_15_s ga_gff_psycho_mkii_16_s ga_gff_psycho_mkii_14_s
ga_gff_psycho_mkii_08_s ga_gff_psycho_mkii_09_s ga_gff_psycho_mkii_12_s ga_gff_psycho_mkii_13_s
ga_gff_psycho_mkii_10_s ga_gff_psycho_mkii_11_s ga_gff_psycho_mkii_17_s
Even without any color or decal, this huge GFF still look as awesome as awesome can be O_O
I hope this would spark the release of its HGUC version.

More images available on GA Graphic.

Then again, you don't have to wait too long to view the completed one. ^^ Here's one from Amiami:

amiami_gff_psycho_mkii_01_s amiami_gff_psycho_mkii_02_s amiami_gff_psycho_mkii_03_s amiami_gff_psycho_mkii_04_s
amiami_gff_psycho_mkii_05_s amiami_gff_psycho_mkii_06_s amiami_gff_psycho_mkii_07_s
Images from Amiami.

While 1/100 Astraea Type F isn't available yet, you can have a look at the prototype version on Moeyo, which always shows you how similar it is as compared to Astraea.

moeyo_astraeaf_proto_07_s moeyo_astraeaf_proto_02_s moeyo_astraeaf_proto_05_s moeyo_astraeaf_proto_06_s
moeyo_astraeaf_proto_03_s moeyo_astraeaf_proto_04_s moeyo_astraeaf_proto_08_s
Images from Moeyo.

On a separate note, it seems that MG Force Impulse Gundam isn't the only one that comes with a password-download privilege. Folks who bought the recently released HCM-Pro Gundam Deathscythe can go to HCM Pro Secret Room and enter the access code included to download a special wallpaper.

ga_hcmpro_w_wallpaper_01_s ga_hcmpro_w_wallpaper_02_s
Wallpaper only? ^^;
Images from GA Graphic.

Speaking of HCM-Pro Gundam Wing series, Digitamin comes up with two images of the upcoming HCM-Pro Tallgeese and Gundam Shenlong.

digitamin_hcmpro_tallgeese_s digitamin_hcmpro_shenlong_s
Tallgeese, and Shenlong Gundam from Digitamin.

On the other hand, more images on Real Figure Gundam Series with Emblem Key Chain Set and key chain prize items of famous scenes from various Gundam anime as reported a few days back:

ga_december_key_prizes_07_s ga_december_key_prizes_08_s ga_december_key_prizes_09_s
ga_december_key_prizes_10_s ga_december_key_prizes_11_s
Available by the third week of November.
Images from GA Graphic.

ga_december_key_prizes_01_s ga_december_key_prizes_02_s ga_december_key_prizes_03_s
ga_december_key_prizes_04_s ga_december_key_prizes_05_s ga_december_key_prizes_06_s
Available by the third week of December.
Images from GA Graphic.

Seriously, are you going to use any of them even though they are supposed to be key chains? ^^;